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With our online tool you can resize images without instaling anything on your computer or phone. You just need to choose image and click convert.
NOTE: Resized images are stored only for short period of time on our servers, so if you got "Converted image is no longer available" message, please go Resize Photos Online and upload your image again.

Like the online tool, you can install Free Image Converter and have more control over resizing your pictures. Download Free Image Converter
Compatible with Windows operating system.

The benefits from installing Free Image Converter:
1. Faster conversion
2. More flexible options
3. Ability to convert multiple photos at once

About Free Image Converter for Windows

Free Image Converter is an easy to use tool for resizing and converting images.

By using the Free Image Converter, you are able to decrease the size of your image files. This can save tremendous space on your hard drive or disks.

Never again send photos to your friends & family that are too large to open & take up too much in their inbox.

Using Image Converter you can easily make your digital photos up to 25 times smaller. The most amazing thing is that you almost won't be able to see any difference.

Using Free Image Converter is really easy. Go here and learn how you can convert multiple images in just 3 simple steps. Resizing images has never been easier.

Convertion Statistics

Images converted: over 1,000,000
Average size before conversion: 749Kb
Average size after conversion: 45Kb
Average conversion: 25*
Best conversion: 9833*

* - how much smaller the converted image is from the original
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