Free Image Converter overview

Download Free Image Converter and start converting and resizing your photos and images in just a few clicks.

By using the Free Image Converter, you are able to decrease the size of your image files. This can save tremendous space on your hard drive or disks.

Never again send photos to your friends & family that are too large to open & take up too much in their inbox.

Using Image Converter you can easily make your digital photos up to 25 times smaller. The most amazing thing is that you almost won't be able to see any difference.

Using Free Image Converter is really easy. Go here and learn how you can convert multiple images in just 3 simple steps. Resizing images has never been easier.

Here are four situations in which Image Converter can really help you:

  • Storing files on your hard drive

    Save a lot of hard drive space by decreasing image file sizes. Save a variety of things on your hard drive — not just your photos!
  • Sending Emails

    All email boxes have limitations on storage size, by sending large image files you can quickly reach the maximum. Even if someone has a great deal of space available in their inbox, many email services have a limited attachment size which can result in undeliverable emails. Moreover, it is much faster to send and receive emails with smaller attachments.

    If you send converted images, you will be able to send more photos faster and won't cause problems for yourself or friends and family.

  • Saving files on CDs, DVDs or USB Flash Drives

    You can save more photos on CDs, DVDs or USB Flash Drives. Now when you go to visit your family, you don't need to choose which photos you want to bring with you. Just take them all!
  • Uploading images to web sites

    Many sites where you can upload images have limits on storage size. Since you'll be able to upload smaller files, you'll be able to put many more pictures on a site. Also, many sites have limits on uploading file size — so if your photo is bigger than allowed, you will need to resize it anyway. Most importantly, uploading resized images is much faster.

    So resize your photos using Free Image Converter and upload more images faster on any site and prevent headaches for both you and your friends.